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Thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I find it so incredibly uncomfortable talking about my story, so I am going to try to keep it short, simple and to the point..at least for now!
I have been a 911 police dispatcher for over 20 years now. My Grandfather, Father, Uncles, Brother & my husband are all/were in law enforcement. I've been surrounded by the law enforcement world for life.
I like to think that I have grown a lot from that first day of walking through those PD doors, sitting in dispatch & putting on my headset for the first time. 
I never gave too much thought after critical incidents, I have never been approached by anyone in my department after an incident nor have I have ever talked to anyone within my department about why I have had trouble sleeping, etc after a horrible event. I just moved on. That's what was expected. Suck it up. Grow a thick skin.
I do think a thick skin is needed to an extent but what I believe is needed more is a change in morale. A belief that it is ok to unload our emotional backpack & move forward instead of bottling it up for years and years. 
My hope is that some part of this page touches someone and really does bring about awareness & change to our first responder culture! As much as we push for physical fitness we need to take care of our mental fitness as well!
From a place of love,
Kristen Jauregui






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